Air-O-Power 10K needs help.

I am looking for some collective wisdom from anyone who has or had an Air-O-Power wind turbine from e-Mark Electric in Canada.

I am in the process of erecting and commissioning a 10KW unit on an 80' tower. Just about ready to go except that there are some directions missing.

On the control/rectifier unit, there are terminals for:

Wind Turbine (3 ph wild AC from generator)
Control Signal Out (Power out to yaw motor)
Wind Direction (wind vane sensor input)
Wind Speed (Anemometer input)
To Batteries (Rectified DC output to inverters and/or batteries)
To House ????

This last one is not mentioned anywhere in the manual nor is it shown on any wiring diagrams. I am assuming that it must be for 110vAC input to the control box to operate the displays and the yaw motor. However, I am hesitant to simply hook up 110 vAC to it lest I damage the control box with no way to get repairs or replacements as e-Mark has disappeared.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it will be appreciated. I am trying to get it commissioned before the end of the year and all is ready to go except for this. I need to manually yaw the turbine so that I can get the blades mounted.


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    Re: Air-O-Power 10K needs help.

    Here is an update. I crossed my fingers and wired the "HOUSE" terminals to 110 VAC and the controller lit up without smoking.

    I punched the JUST TURN button and the turbine head rotated. Success! I rotated the head until the hub pointed straight up (tower horizontal) and mounted the 3 11' blades. As soon as I get a good day I will haul the tower up and will be ready to flip the switch. Just need to get a licensed electrician and a recognized wind turbine installer down to verify the electric connections and sign off on some paperwork so that I can get some $$ from state and fed.

    I posted a bunch of pictures in my album with some captions.
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    Re: Air-O-Power 10K needs help.

    Good Luck! Sounds like you are on your way.

    Sorry, I really don't know anything about your system. But we now have a new resident expert here on Air-O-Power. ;)

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Air-O-Power 10K needs help.

    Wonder if Marc would know more........

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