Outback MPPT vs. others (Xantrex, MorningStar, Apollo Solar)



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    Re: Outback MPPT vs. others (Xantrex, MorningStar, Apollo Solar)
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    Also connecting 18 panels in series for 372 Vmp versus 6 parallel strings of 3 in series will eliminate those combiner boxes and will use 6 times less copper.

    Now the big question to DC converter engineers: is there a way to design 250 - 600Vdc to 48Vdc MPPT converter with 96 - 99% conversion efficiency?

    Yes, I think so, but I don't think it's absolutely necessary. If you can't charge a battery with your batteryless grid tie system, then you lose 100% of it when you might need it during a power outage. OR, it won't matter so much if you have a REAL long PV wire run and would be losing, say, 10% due to wire losses. Some installers would rather just do the AC-coupling thing instead, with a battery based inverter to get around the No-grid available problem and high-high voltage, rather than using a CC that can handle it directly. Either way will work OK.
    You'll need a battery based inverter anyway.
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    Re: Outback MPPT vs. others (Xantrex, MorningStar, Apollo Solar)
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    I've got 5, stackable, DC-DC converters parked in my house just for this. 400V down to 24V, 500W each. It won't do my entire array capacity, but it could keep me going if the grid died. about 90% each, if i recall right

    Mike, just a guess but did our paths cross on something that had a few of these panels on it?
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