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A friend mentioned a new solar integrator, Earth Turbines in VT. They are currently agressively marking pole mounted tracker PV systems that are claimed to generate power on par with current utility rates in VT via a 5 year PPA contract that covers the installation cost. It has shades of past scams, but the economics seem to be legit when viewed from a Vermont rate structure. The company is founded by one of the founders of NRG Systems so there is some legitimacy. They do have units in the field, so its not completely vaporware.

The key is that Vermont has high electric rates, with a high likelyhood of even higher rates and the state is mandating high incentive payments (6 cents) for PV power actually produced. The company uses off the shelf PV's and inverters, so the only thing they really build are the mounts and the tracker. They have two standard designs and with a pole mount, the installations will tend to be very repeatable (akin to setting an old style satellite dish). The biggest unknowns for each install would be the presence of ledge in the pole mount location and trench to the house and the distance to the house. As it is a modular setup, I expect that a crew could get real efficient at installing these if the volume is there.

Seems legit at this point and I havent seen any Ed Begly infomercials or multilevel marketing opportunies yet, so this might be the begining of the "real thing". Not many other states have the rate structure that VT does so its not going to export out of VT unless other states follow the lead.

What do folks think? Note this is for general interest, I have no links to the company and dont plan to go into the business.


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    Re: Earth Turbines - PV systems

    i transferred the thread to here because you are looking for opinions on it.
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    Re: Earth Turbines - PV systems
    peakbagger wrote: »
    ... It has shades of past scams, but the economics seem to be legit when viewed from a Vermont rate structure.

    Have seen a few similar programs in the past, I don't think that any of them are still in business, but will leave the post up for comments.
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