ProSolar Parts wanted

I'm looking to expand my system, and am in the need of some ProSolar parts. They are NOT very enduser friendly, and I'm having trouble buying a small quantity of material. Anyone a reseller/have some left overs ? Looking for some rail and fastjack legs.




  • RobPattonDotComRobPattonDotCom Registered Users Posts: 11
    Re: ProSolar Parts wanted

    Being a company with such top quality parts, it sure seems to be impossible to BUY their stuff.

    Any we wonder why solar electric adoption is slow?
  • WindsunWindsun Solar Expert Posts: 1,164 ✭✭
    Re: ProSolar Parts wanted

    We tried them once, and were not impressed with the availability. We do not stock them - there are simply too many different mount companies out there to deal with each and every system and all the hundreds of parts that go with it.

    Do you need these to finish an existing system, or is this a new install?
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