Auto-shutdown for wind turbines is now available


In an effort to keep PowerDashboard the most complete monitoring/logging solution, the latest version of PowerDashboard has been released. This software works with the Xantrex XW series of equipment, in conjunction with an inexpensive/off-the-shelf DataQ A/D controller.

The newest functionality incorporates definition of 'triggers' to affect an automatic shutdown of a wind turbine. Currently up to 9 triggers can be defined.

These triggers can be based on:
Wind speed
Battery Voltage
Turbine RPM
Turbine Amps
Turbine Watts
Loss of Grid
Event duration

Trigger definitions can use one or any combination of the available parameters, so you can get as simple or complicated as you desire. The free remote access software on my website (PDSmartClientPro) has the ability to remotely initiate a shutdown or restart, this ability is also available as a menu option on PowerDashboard as well.

Additional information can be gotten Here

Dan Lenox
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