Beohana Solar Corporation

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This is not new, but apparently was never added to our listing of scams.

The following is a press release from County of Santa Clara, Office of the District Attorney:
The District Attorney's Office has charged 38-year old Peter Be with 53 criminal offenses involving theft and contractor fraud.

Be was CEO and owner of the San Jose based Beohana Solar Corporation, a company advertising for the sale and installation of residential solar energy systems. Many homeowners were lured by an advertisement that offered a unique way to receive a "Free Solar Program." Be claimed that after leasing Beohana's solar energy system for 12 years, homeowners would own it outright.

After paying large deposits to lease the systems, the homeowners were given a written contract which stated in small print that at the end of the 12 years, the homeowners still had to pay for the equipment at its "fair market value." In addition, Be and Beohana Solar failed to return many deposits or install the solar energy systems. Be falsely claimed to be a licensed contractor.

Be faces a maximum of 18 years in state prison if convicted on all charges.

If you believe that you may be a victim of Peter Be or Beohana Solar, please contact District Attorney Investigator Norm Levy at 408-299-3099.
ABC7 went to that office too, but found BEohana no longer exists. However, ABC7 discovered Peter Be now operates out of a downtown San Jose high-rise where the website for Sunny Hill Energy says he's the founder and CEO, offering the same solar product with almost identical wording as his previous company. (note - the info on that page was recently removed and no longer shows his name).
The company's public relations person said Be was on the road. The district attorney's office says he's in jail on a no-bail arrest warrant.