Do you know any good books????

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a book that goes into the mathematical side of solar design. I want to understand information on panel data sheets etc. I am not a engineer, but do have a 2 year electronic degree. So many books out there it is hard to tell which one to purchase. I can't purchase them all. If someone has read a book worth purchasing please post information. Full sun day today-just love the Son. Thanks Wil


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    Re: Do you know any good books????

    Start with your local library. You'd be amazed at what you can get from a library through inter-library loan and a co-operative librarian. And you don't have to pay. :D
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    Re: Do you know any good books????

    Right now, the "state of the art" for practical home solar panels are mono and poly-crystalline silicon panels (mono-crystalline being slightly more efficient and more expensive). And even the other types (amorphous silicon) have very similar physical operating characteristics.

    Since the crystalline silicon cells are currently all pretty much the same physics, they all have pretty much the same behavious.

    The big difference is the companies that are making the cells and putting the panels together. Besides the wattage/voltage/current options--it is quality and price that will make your purchase decision.

    This is one of the better data sheets that I have seen that puts a lot of information about generic silicon panels on a nice set of IV curves:

    data sheet for a crystalline silicon panel

    Don't get too wrapped up in the details of your panel's math... Instead, look at your application. Define your power needs, after you have worked hard at conservation--it is almost always worth the money spent to conserve first, than to generate the power later.

    Once you know your power needs--then you will define your battery bank, the type of charge controllers and other options (inverter, battery monitor, etc.). Then look at good vendors of solar panels+mounts to finish off your project.

    If you are interested in the physics of a solar panel themselves--that is another discussion.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Do you know any good books????

    Start right here. This forum is filled with TONS of exactly the type of math you are seeking to learn.

    There are more than a few engineers here and they just love to whip out the slide rule, put on the propeller beanie and dance around the campfire.

    Do a "find all posts" on B.B. - that's a great start.
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    Re: Do you know any good books????

    another option is to get home power magazine. visit their site and there are some select articles available as well as a sample issue. many things aren't all spelled out or all in one place as there's far too many areas to go into besides just electricity and some aspects may not be fully addressed here or elsewhere. examples might be the roof's structural integrity and wind loading on pvs to name a few.