Let the sun shine in......again!

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As of this last weekend the Phoenix Bird rose again. After some rather discouraging times of no solar and/or power after my consuming fire, I'm kind of up and running.

The only thing left from the fire was six very nasty looking Mitsubishi 125 panels that actually produce the correct volts and amps. I'm reallly impressed with their durability after so much heat.

The start of my new system was a 15KW Perkins/Hardy genset that I've been using 24/7 for over six months steady. Even only using about a half gallon of fuel per hour, it still adds up to $600 to $800 per month to feed it.

I ended up going with the Hybrid Magnum 4448 inverter hanging on a Midnight E-panel. Charge controller is a flexmax 60 feeding 8 L16 batteries.

Plans call for a bunch more panels and another 2 strings of batteries, but will take some time.

I'm supposed to have my generator start automatically by way of the Magnum AGS, but can't seem to get it to communicate with the inverters. My electrician son tells me the AGS unit is bad, so i'm going to have to make a few phone calls.

Overall, I'm really impressed wtih the systems current output running the complete household. It's actually maintaining 48 volts and only running the generator about 3-4 hours in the morning and in the evening.

If anyone has any thoughts on the problem with the Magnum AGS units, I'm really open to ideas. It will start the generator in the test mode, but at best it starts and stops about avery 30 seconds. I have to unplug the power to the box to get it out of it's start/stop cycle, which I understand is normal.

Thanks for all of your help with my decision making so far in this re-project.


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    Re: Let the sun shine in......again!

    Hey Backroad,

    Welcome back. I know i don't have your patience. I would have been tormented mentally everyday without RE power after have had it for so long. Welcome back and let hope this never happens to any of the forum members or anyone for that matter.