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    ahh yes another antenna dabbler. the bowtie should've worked ok so i can assume losses due to possible swr mismatch and downlead losses much as i envision to happen with a loop here. i can get the loop to match in without too much problems by using the double diamond and pull the diamonds outward slightly. i did try a cheap amplifier (not even sure it works) and it made no difference on the rabbit ears.

    i'm working on creating my own mini cable nightmare as i can hook my satellite tv into this (no hd for me yet on it), my security cams, as well as the over the air stuff that i'm trying to figure the best approach for. i see your amps on there and i wonder if i should just get one for mounting at the antenna or would i just be wasting too much time, money, and effort? only at times will a few channels show fading or weaker signals. how about a better quality indoor amp like the ce model 6001 for indoor? i won't go too high priced for the amp.
    heck, i may need to broaden things too as many of the channels are going back to their original upper vhf frequencies.:cry: chaos makes life interesting doesn't it?

    i know what you must be going through as the local cable company here we tried to get last year for internet, tv, and phone and they missed the first appointment and we called them and they had no record of it and rescheduled. they missed that one by going to the wrong address. we then told them goodbye that we don't want it now and the following week they showed up out of the blue unscheduled. i politely told them to leave my property while rolling my eyes afterward.
    you might want to check into satellite.
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    Re: Opinions on a new tv for me

    well the tv station's engineer fixed the problem. all i got was a message on the answering machine from the engineer that he did find something defective. i later saw the news meaning all's well and i told him that on his answering machine. nothing like answering machine phone tag so i didn't get the details. from what i gathered from how he talked he didn't get much input or help from lg, but as it turns out he didn't need it.
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