greenMonitor software for non-Outback systems

tallgirltallgirl Solar Expert Posts: 413 ✭✭
Those of y'all who follow the Outback forum know that my company produces a product, the greenMonitor Renewable Energy System monitor, which connects directly and over the Internet to the Mate display controller.

We're putting the finishing touches on PentaMetric support that should allow us to support systems that use a PentaMetric to monitor up to three devices in various combinations of inverters and charge controllers.

Not sure if this is the appropriate sort of thing to do, but I'm taking up to 5 beta test customers who have the following --

1). A PentaMetric battery charge monitor with the serial communications interface.
2). Two or more devices attached to at least two of the three shunts.
3). PC attached via a serial cable to the PentaMetric.
4). Internet access to the PC.

List price for the software is $199 for standard Outback setups. The beta price -- which is only valid if you use a PentaMetric battery monitor -- is $149. To view the software, click the links in my signature.

(And we do have reseller programs, in case NAWS is interested in listing the product for sale)
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