any experience/ advice with the solar boost IPN network chargers?

First off, you guys have been providing an excellent resource for folks like myself! Good on ya for helping to make the world of alternative energy more approachable for all of us. So my question is based on my interest in upgrading our current small (very) solar system, and the need to first upgrade charge controllers. After doing some research it seemed that the outback charger is pretty much widely regarded as pretty much the top of the line, and in fact I had almost made my mind up to purchase one. Lately I started reading a bit about the solar boost charge controllers that are compatible with their pro remote IPN network, and I have to say that I am quite intrigued by some of the features that they tout (in fact from what I can tell they seem to have a lot of similar features to the outback). I suppose that one of the things that does appeal most is the fact that while both systems are modular and can network allowing for future growth, with our small system it is a bit more affordable to be able to upsize in smaller pieces. Currently we have two evergreen 110w panels and would like to add two more now, and possible 2-4 in the next few years growing to probably no more than 8 panels.
I am just wondering if anyone has any personal experience with the solar boost chargers (particularly using the pro remote). I know already that the outback charger is a great buy too, but I would be currious to have more specifics to compare before I break out the credit card... Thanks for any help/suggestions/feedback
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