Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message

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Searched but could not find any info on this. I'll also ask at OutbackPower.com

We have a new MX60 installation where we're only getting the message "Got Battery?" displayed.

When my guys first connected it in a new install, they said the CC was initially displaying an input of +- 119 volts/ 0.0 amps, and an output of 00.0 volts/0.0 amps. I have a fairly new crew and figured this was a simple misconfiguration problem because they said the MX60 displayed "Unloaded" as the current state.

I went out to troubleshoot, restarted the MX60 to verify/set the system voltage and, sure enough, it was set for 12 volts. Reset it for 48 volts. Then the CC displayed an input of +-110 volts/ 2.5 amps, and an output of 02.9 volts/4.0 amps. Checking the battery voltage at the MX60 terminals showed 50.7 volts.

Restarted it again to reverify/reset system voltage and it was now correct set for 48 volts. But upon restart, now it will only display the message "Got Battery?" More restarts don't help. Reverified battery voltage, etc.

Here are the system details:

4 Evergreen 180 watt panels in series
Outback 3648 Inverter
8 Trojan T105s in series, tethered to about 8' of 2/0 cables.

I have not seen this message before. Does this sound like a fried MX60? Isn't the MX60 supposed to be fairly fault tolerant for mismatched battery input?

In the interest of full disclosure, the only other odd ball factor in this particular install is that the AC wiring from the inverter to the load center is in the same conduit with the DC wiring coming from the panels for a distance of about 20 feet passing under a patio. No, we don't like to do this but the owner installed only a single conduit between his house where the panels and load center are located, and an out building where the batteries, inverter and charge controller are located. Hard to imagine that there could be significant AC coupling with the DC wiring but...?


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    Re: Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message


    This is a new one on me... I think you're going to need some help from OutBack. Try:

    1) Calling (360)-435-6030 and ask for MX60 tech support, and/or
    2) E-mailing [email protected]

    Best of luck!
    Jim / crewzer
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    Re: Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message

    "Got Battery" means that the MX60, when powered up, "THINKS" that the battery voltage is below around 8.0 Volts.

    In a real system, this usually means a bad battery voltage sense resistor in the MX60s circuitry. I put that message
    in there because a low current bench power supply will sometimes get stuck and loaded down, where a real battery with
    plenty of current capability will not get loaded down.

    So, if you hooked up a real battery to the MX60, you wouldn't get that message, unless that resistor was open
    or possibly the terminal block screws aren't tight.


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    Re: Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message

    Hi boB,

    Thanks for that. Using real batteries. I was reading 51 volts on the tops of the Outback's terminal block screws while it was indicating just a few volts. A replacement MX worked and the other unit is now on my bench. Is this servicable here? (I'm 1,000 miles down the baja).

    Can the MX-60 tolerate a misconfigured 48 to 12 input voltage setting, or is this a condition that could potentially cause that resister to blow?
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    Re: Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message

    Hi ALan. No, you shouldn't be able to hurt that resistor. The MX60 will accept up to around at least 80 Volts on the battery side.

    Fixing it is possible but will normally need the control board removed. I've actually replaced that resistor which is
    near the control board connector near the front of the board. It's like the first or second pin but I can't remember which one.
    The resistor value is normally around 200 K Ohms. It is most likely that series resistor but "could" be something else, like
    a bad connector or something. Normally the input resistor on that control board is the problem (open). One the control board
    on the microprocessor input is a 10K resistor to ground and is the shunt side of that voltage divider. It's a pretty simple circuit.
    But the resistor is necessary else the smoke comes out of the microprocessor which is not a good thing.
    Also, if OutBack sent you a temporary MX60 replacement, they will be wanting the old one back most likely.

    Good luck !

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    Re: Outback MX60 "Got Battery?" Message

    Wanted to update this thread since we just had a second unit exhibit the same symptoms. Only this time, the MX60 had been installed for about 16 months.

    Same symptoms only this time we never received the "Got Battery" state, just the "Unloaded" state. 125 volts present at the panel terminals, 4 volts in the display.

    Thanks so much to Sandra at Outback for helping my guys troubleshoot (in Spanish), and for shipping out a swap so quickly.

    Sandra, te agradezco mucho!
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