panel mounting on car/truck (non-rv)

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i did a bit of googling but was generally not satisfied w/ the (lack of) results. im thinking of mounting 4-6 (or 8) panels on a pickup truck w/ a long bed. im wondering if anyone has done so and can provide details (other than screenshot of the setup from afar).

im thinking the most real estate for panel would be on top of the flat bed at a height above the lift gate. i can make it a little wider than the car (whats the legal max width - does anyone know) and a little longer than the bed.

ideally i would like it to tilt but thats being more ambitious. baby steps first (i dont even have a clear picture how the mounting would go).

as for the battery, inverter, cc - they would be inside the garage. i would attach the panel/car system to the buss bar inside the garage when charging and remove the wires when done. or if it results in a hoa fight and i lose, i would put the rest of the system on the truck (plenty of space)


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    Re: panel mounting on car/truck (non-rv)

    In the US--typically 96" (8') is maximum width for a vehicle and (some?) buses are allowed 108" (9') maximum.

    If you can tilt the panels--you can get more of them on the truck (especially in winter/northern latitudes).

    But trying to fight the HOA is a loosing proposition. They will just put their attorney bill on as a lean on your property.

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