National Semiconductor - Solar Magic Devices ?

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Okay folks anyone care to guess exactly what these are

I assume there is a MPPT controller inside the box, and they mention them converting DC to AC, but they also say that unlike microinverters the system doesnt have to be rewired to install them as the existing wiring can be reused.


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    Re: National Semiconductor - Solar Magic Devices ?

    they are bassically a dc to dc boost controller that will boost the shaded panels voltage to match the rest of the string. but i believe you need one for every panel and i have heard 200 bucks a piece
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    Re: National Semiconductor - Solar Magic Devices ?

    Lots of hype and very little hard data. I'm skeptical.

    Sounds like a form of MPPT controller and/or micro-inverter - although not trying to up-convert to full 240 VAC perhaps? Maybe a DC "up converter"? Since "the power is the power" existing wiring capable of handling the DC output from the panels should be able to handle higher voltage w/lower current?

    The claims seem exaggerated and are probably based on replacing an old, inefficient charge controller with these units. How would they do against a current, state-of-the-art system of 'conventional' design?

    I particularly dislike the implication that these things will allow solar panels to make power while in shade. That's truly misleading.
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    Re: National Semiconductor - Solar Magic Devices ?


    SolarMagic power optimizers are Dc-to-DC converters in the form of small boxes attached to each PV panel in an array. They can be retrofitted to existing PV systems or included in the installation of new systems. Because of centralized voltage requirements of inverters in solar systems today, shading of as little as 10 percent of an array's surface area can lead to a 50 percent drop in electricity output. SolarMagic technology recoups up to 57% of this lost output by using proprietary algorithms to track the Maximum Power Point (MPP) at a distributed panel level, optimizing voltage for the entire string.
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    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset