Clean Energy Scams and What To Do About Them

6-scott-sklar.jpg As a clean energy installer, it really infuriates me when I read inflated and bogus marketing claims put forth by obvious scammers. What do you think we, as an industry, should do about this? Why don't you expose them? – Bill C., Clean Energy Installer



  • john p
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    Re: Clean Energy Scams and What To Do About Them

    The problem is "snake oil " salesmen have been around since snakes. Unfortunately the public has no understanding of the technology in most cases. So just believe what the salesmen tell them.. it makes no diference where you live in the world. cheats and frauds are everywhere.. Some salesmen just dont know they selling something useless either.. shoe salesman one day icecream the next solar energy the next...

    The words that get the public are" solar energy is free wind is free ALL TRUE BUT HARVESTING IS IS FAR FROM FREE There are so many creditible looking books that are available on line for a price on how to make"solar panels. wind generators,electric vehicles,nuclear submarines for just a few dollars" but most of them useless rubbish. but people buy them with no technical skills to construct a sand castle let alone try to make a successful solar panel or wind generator.. it takes a lot of skills to make reliable versions of those items..


    Its like how do you eliminate bank robbers.. eliminate banks..
    Well that would be 100% succesful but it does create other problems.. and no I wasnt thinking who would your government give the millions of tax payers money to if no banks to fail to give it to..
  • Roderick
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    Re: Clean Energy Scams and What To Do About Them

    I like to think I'm doing my part.

    Yahoo Answers used to be flooded with spammers to every solar question, but I try to add my warnings when I see them. For the big three, Earth4Energy, Power4Home, and HomemadeEnergy, I simply point to the dissatisfied customers at , or point them to the expose at . Finally, I mention that dissatisfied customers may have posted bittorrents of the materials for free (not that anyone should download them, as that would be illegal), but I'm just saying, if you search for "solar panel"...

    The spammers have dropped way down recently, and others are taking on the mantle of protecting the naive.