New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-



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    Re: New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-

    Sounds good Niel, will do.
    It's called a Mallory 800, and so far I just haven't had much wind since setting it up!

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    Re: New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-

      Have read the posts and it seems your project is going well. I live in Gallup and am wanting to purchase some T 105's this next week. I see you are in Albuquerque and would like to know if you bought your batts locally, and if so where and at what cost. I have purchased from MGA power systems in Abq. in the past. Thanks, Mark
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    Re: New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-

    Hey there Mark,
    I have shopped around a bit and found the prices to be reasonable at a place here in ABQ called: NCH Systems. Their phone number is 505-345-0523. I can get a T-105 for less than a hundred, but even cheaper when buying a few at once.

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    Re: New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-

    Hi new to forum but Ricks system is similar to mine so I thought I would chip in a little. I have a sw4024 powered by a MX60 and 12 x 120 amp panels, (Sharp 123's, BP 3115's and Astropower 120's) tied together in triplets. Some are new panels and some are used but all have similar power and voltage operating curves. These are tied into some tired old (but free) 660 amp two volt batteries that still work (1984 date stamp) but need replacing when I can. I will replace them with 8 L16's for my occasional utility power outage backup needs. I have the system grid tied and generate 4-6 kw a day on average. I have peaked at 9kw on the best day this year. I programmed a Basic Stamp micro controller and wired it into the MX60 to the Aux output port to turn the SW4024 off through the serial port when the MX60 current drops below 1 amp each evening saving as much power as I can. I do not use the SW4024 to maintain the batteries at all, just the MX60 to maintain float and occasionally run the bulk cycle manually. My house is an all electric earth bermed three sides south facing with wood heat and this is enough power to run my refrigerator, freezer, computer and ceiling fans, deep well pump and still spin the meter backwards a little when the sun is shinning. I figure this system generates about 20% of my energy needs. The batteries get cycled only about twice a year, mostly during winter storms. The longest power outage that I have experienced was in the winter of 2001 at 21 days. I didn't have this system installed then. This solar panels are installed on my barn roof which is a 200 ft from the house and I have wired it such that in a power outage I can manually switch the inverter output through a 120 volt to 240 volt step up transformer and power my house after I throw the main breaker to disconnect from the grid. I also switch off the electric cookstove and hot water heater breakers. Long story short, I would recommend that Rick consider a grid tie since he is almost there anyway. Also I am celebrating my first megawatt of power produced by my system since I installed it this year this day with a cold glass of homemade white wine as I type this.
    Regards Mike
    Fox, AR
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    Re: New Xantrex SW4024 ordered, need advice-

    Holy Crap!!! 32 Batteries???

    Did this make it to fruition?

    I would have bucked it up and just gotten a couple to four big Fork lift batts!

    I had to read the whole thread, I cant even imagine the batt maintenance on that my fingers would fall off from the removal of the caps.
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