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I am trying to be off-grid (However, I will still remain grid tie to sell excess electric) in PA. I having a 4,000kw solar system installed within the next several weeks, when I receive my state rebate it will go towards 2000kw on a passive tracker and a battery bank. I am thinking that around here that when the sun is not shinning the wind is blowing. I think that I may have some potential for a small wind system, however from searching and lurking (hence the handle) that small scale wind is kind of looked down upon. Could anyone recommend a small turbine that wont break the bank and is reliable?


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    Re: off-grid Northeast PA

    I've seen them all and wouldn't recommend any of them. Unless you build it yourself, they're not worth the hassle and won't ever pay for themselves. Small wind is overrated, overpriced, and overhyped. Go with a Hugh Piggott design and build it yourself. You'll put quality parts in one you build yourself. Manufacturers won't.
    Hugh's website:

    These guys know their stuff:
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    Re: off-grid Northeast PA

    just for the record the 4,000kw solar system you mention i think might be a typo as that is 4 megawatts. i assume that you meant a 4,000w system which is 4kw.
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