Aside from the diversity and quality of the information provided on this forum equally by moderators, members and guests, the modesty of the host is the most is the most valuable trait herein.

Prospective buyers of RE materials should be made aware of reputable stores/sellers. I was so pleased with my transactions with NAWS that I sought a topic here in which to express that pleasure. But I could not find one.

So, I thought, maybe I should suggest a topic.... then I realized that not how this forum works.

Imagine, masses seeking information who log on only to see an ENTIRE topic devoted to how GREAT is the HOST.

So, anyway, thanks to the forum and NAWS. I have breadboarded my system and, so far, it has performed better that expected. Soon, it will be hard installed. I shall share the final results in one of my original posts...

Solar Electricity for A-Liner pop-up camper


Small System for Pop UP RV
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