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Has anyone had experience with an Invertek inverter, battery charger, solar regulator & auto mains backup in one unit?
It is a 12v/1500w cont. 3000w surge inverter, a 4 stage 50 amp charger, a 12v 30 amp 4 stage solar regulator and a auto 20m/s 15A bypass switch with a 15 amp rating. It has thermally activated fans & a batt. temp. sensor & is fully programable with remote control for $1390 AUD - $1074 US. It seems very impressive for its price but it is made in China.
The web site is
A seperate 24v model is available for double the price (they aren't programable from 12 to 24v ) I would like to hear from anyone who has sussed them out.
They appear to be programable for 120v/60Hz & our power in Australia 240v/50Hz
Thanks Leigh.


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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    Are they sine wave? If not it seems a bit pricy to me.
    3kw solar PV, 4 LiFePO4 100a, xw 6048, Honda eu2000i, iota DLS-54-13, Tesla 3, Leaf, Volt, 4 ton horizontal geothermal, grid tied - Green Bay, WI
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    I looked at the website and did not see where they are selling an inverter that is also a charge contorller. I did see their 1500 and 3000 watt pure sine wave inverters, which they advertise as 3 in 1 - inverter, charger, bypass switch.
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    That inverter is a Samlex,, they are probably buying it oem and repakaging it, you can get the same inverter here.
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    I would save your money. If you spend 15 minutes on the phone with the great folks at Outback, you will find one heck of a product that is smart, requres very little user input , does its job as intended and is priced right. I switched from Trace and am happy as a lark. Soon will be switching to the 240 set up .. look at their site and call them.. They are there and they do answer their own phones. The engineers i am refering to .. Its a no hassle installation. Try calling china for maintenance or warranty work.
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    I had one on my bench to day. Jaycar used to import them into australia. This one was a 1kw 240V 'pure sine wave' all the part numbers were scratched off.The importer does not have service information in Au. If you have a faulty on I may be able to help you..
    otherwise buy a real inverter. I recomend Xantec :-D
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    Hello - Since my last post I have found a couple web sites that sell this product. I posted this on another forum without any luck.
    Has anyone had experience with an Invertek full sinewave combi-inverter/charger/UPS/by-pass sw/solar reg? They are rebadged by Sterling(England) ( there is a full manual to down load ) & also sold by Sunwise (USA)
    For their price they seem to have a lot going for them, the solar reg is not a MPPT though, only a 30amp shunt type ( I have a MX60 any way) I am thinking of the DAI-1500C-12xx with remote control & batt. temp. sensing for my motor home. They told me the AC & DC is fully isolated & has C-Tick ,CE & EMC approval. They have also had their specs tested at A,B,Y,C  40 degree C - 100 F temp. conditions.The charger is also power factor corrected. The agents here in Australia say they are bullet proof and can't blow them up under multiple severe tests & they put out full charge even with very dirty AC generator power. They are made by Rich in Taiwan who make industry standard motor speed controller inverters for factories, & they are half the price of the big names in the game. I only need something of this size for bush camping in a medium size motor home for small power tools & chargers etc (the rest is DC powered) & charge my batts. at caravan parks occasionally.
    Does anyone know about them & whether they would do my job? - Thanks - Leigh
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    Re: Invertek Inverter

    i not recommending anything, but no matter what you
    buy don't let a cheap price steer you away from a
    quality product that will last for years to come. I've
    tried the cheap stuff it nevers seems to work out. and
    most of the time just leads to disappointment.

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