33% of a homes energy is used to heat water.

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Nearly 33% of a homes energy is used to heat water. And 80% to 90% of that heat goes down the drain, wasted. Check out GFX's latest improved heat recovery system, the GFX-STAR which recycles that wasted heat energy.


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    Re: 33% of a homes energy is used to heat water.

    I have the regular GFX, no moving parts or pumps and my wife says it is the best weird thing I ever installed. We used to run out of hot water washing the kids and both of us all in a row, about 60 minutes total. That was with the water heater set at 150. Now it is set for 125 and the water heater will cycle while running for the same 60 minutes. Amazing devices. I personally would be worried about the pump used to lift the drain water back up to get a bit more heat out of the drain water. I just don't like the idea of pumping waste water, unless your sure it is only grew waste and not from a toilet. I had to many issues with that sort of thing working on big boats plumbing.

    Bottom line it is well worth the $ if you can install it in the right place, probably better return for the $ spent then any other device I bought, with a HRV in second.
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