SW4024 Auto Starting Propane Generator

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Hello everybody. I'm looking for some guidance on gen start problems.
In the winter, starting a propane generator can sometimes take some patience. In this case, I'm lookiing at a Kohler 10RYG2 10 kW model which generally starts pretty well, but is not always reliable when started by the SW4024. If the gen fails to start, it faults in it's switchbox and needs to be manually reset. It then faults on the inverter.
I haven't taken apart the gen switchbox to see what's wired in there.
Does anybody have experience with Kohler wiring or a fairly reliable way to get around this issue?



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    Re: SW4024 Auto Starting Propane Generator

    I have a 10KW Kohler propane generator and have had problems similar to yours, except I don't need to reset my Xantrex MC2512 if the gen fails to start. I just have to reset the gen.

    I've had this gen for 6 - 8 years. The starting problem was always tied to cranking speed. Worse in the winter when it's cold, of course.

    I added a second (small) identical starting battery in parallel. My unit doesn't have the physical room for a larger battery. I also put a 65W solar panel in my array dedicated to keeping those two batteries fully charged, through one of those small (cheap) 7 amp controllers.

    Now it's a problem maybe twice a year, still in winter, and after an extended period of no sun. There's still enough battery power to crank, but it tries only 4 or 5 times then stops trying. After a reset it'll usually start on the next crank cycle. If it's REALLY cold (for here: ~ 28 F) manually depressing the cold start plunger on the propane regulator will get it going.

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