About the policies in Arizona.

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I wonder what are the policies in Arizona area? How about the rebate? For example, if I want to install a solar system, what I can get of the rebate will be both from Federal Tax credit and from Arizona state rebate, that means i can get two rebate, am I right?

Any latest news are appreciated.

Helen :-)


  • Chuck46
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    Re: About the policies in Arizona.

    As far as I recall the AZ state rebate is limited to a 1 time credit to a max of $2000.00 per site . For the federal Its best to talk to your tax person . SRP offers $2.70 per watt for grid tie and APS is still at $3.00 per watt rebate for grid tied systems. Where in Az are you intending to set up a solar system?

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    Re: About the policies in Arizona.

    Look at this site for your state and fed info.