Opinion on these batteries?

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I'm looking at a used agm "high rate" battery that appears based on the text of the seller's ad to be these:


I don't yet know the condition of the battery or the model number, but have a call in to find out.

In the PDF for these batteries it says they are appropriate for

UPS •Emergency lighting
•Switchgear •Alarm and security
•Telecom •Overhead cranes

I did not see anything here about depth of discharge, whichi seems to be the big issue with solar batteries. Anyone have an opinion on the suitability of these batteries for solar usage? Seems they are intended for "constant watt" draw based on some of the charts I see.



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    Re: Opinion on these batteries?

    an agm is pretty much an agm, but the key is what the condition is and what you are willing to pay to take the chance on it. be aware their ah ratings may show to be a tad higher ah because they take the batteries down farther than others rate their's at by going to 10.02v instead of 10.5v.
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    Re: Opinion on these batteries?

    you must ask why the sale???

    Is it because the owner is using it at a critical installation and the replace is a safety need. yes check out more and you can have a good deal.

    If the reason is not so clear be aware this type off battery is easily damaged by wrong use or defected charging equipment.

    I have seen very good deals second hand battery's ( after that i installed mine :grr) , but also that person wash trying to move chemical waste on the cost of others.

    Greetings from Greece
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