New OutBack Grid-Interactive Inverter/Charger for Mexico Market

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OutBack recently introduced its "LA" Series of its FX grid-interactive battery-based inverter/charger. This product is intended for the Mexico market, where the nominal line voltage is 127 V.

The output voltage can be adjusted via the Mate, and the timeout window is ~10 seconds instead of 5 minutes. These products are not UL1741 compliant and are not intended for sale in the USA or Canada.

Sealed models include:
GTFX2524LA -- Sealed, 24 VDC, 127 VAC/60 Hz, 2,500 VA
GTFX3048LA -- Sealed, 48 VDC, 127 VAC/60 Hz, 3,000 VA
Vented models include:
GVFX3524LA -- Vented, 24 VDC, 127 VAC/60 Hz, 3,500 VA
GVFX3648LA -- Vented, 48 VDC, 127 VAC/60 Hz, 3,600 VA
All models are now in production and are available to our distributors.

Additional technical info is available on page 11 ("Additional Grid-Interactive Model Specifications") in our new catalog:

Jim / crewzer
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