charging a battery bank with a bicycle

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Using a bicycle, water wheel, or wind mill to spin a permanent mag motor
(generator) Will create different voltage depending on how fast the motor
is spinning. My solar controller will handle the solar panels, but what do I need to
Do, in order to get this variable voltage into my 48 volt batteries bank?
( 8 6 volt batteries)


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    Re: charging a battery bank with a bicycle

    Normally, you would need a gen/motor that is capable of generating high enough voltage to charge the bank--and use a PWM or possibly a MPPT controller to control charging.

    In reality--most people can only average 100 watts or so when pedaling a bike. You could connect the gen/motor to the battery bank with a blocking diode (prevent the battery from running the motor). There is not enough energy being generated to need a charge controller.

    At this time, there is really no good off-the-shelf circuitry that would be cost effective at increasing a "12 volt" motor to charge a 48 volt battery bank.

    You can research using a "boost mode" switching power supply to increase the motor output voltage to the battery bank voltage--but it is probably not worth it.

    There are DC voltage doublers out there (such as this one go to mfg. website for more products)--but I am not sure how well they would work in this application.

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    Re: charging a battery bank with a bicycle

    Ebay has electric scooter dc perminent mag moters in a varity of configurations. 12v/ 24v/36v/48v example

    of course if I cant get it up to speed its going to produce lover voltage. the voltage doubler may be usefull. Still looking into the switching boost mode" power supply havent found dc to dc yet. but it appears it works on the same principle as a condenser storing up power and releasing it in burst.
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