Software Applications?

We have a number of applications that can be written on using various 3rd party products. I would think this would be a good idea to have such a forum on, "Integration/Applications" I work for eiProject and they have created the foundation for application development. They are currently collaborating with Enphase in developing a possible API for the micro inverter. The home for these discussions would be in, Integration/Applications.


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    Re: Software Applications?

    Considered that, but I doubt that there is enough on that one single topic to keep the section going. Looking for something a little more broadbased.
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    Re: Software Applications?

    W/S what about something like IDEAS - OUTside (OUTof) the BOX.

    This should allow lots of latitude for variety.

    What brought this to mind was:

    I heard on CBC Radio 1 recently, a discussion with a fellow that tracked innovative applications of new technology. The case I remember, due to being a winemaker, using on of those UV lightbars , that were designed to purify household air, to sterilize wine casks rather than the old method of using (liquid) metabisulphate or burning sulphur sticks.

    Just a thought...

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