twitter enabled plant and other newbie electronics stuff

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this was fun, i just finished up my first electronics project and it WORKS.
my plants feed is here:
looks like it updates at night and ive been unplugging it at night to sdave power... i guess you can buy a cable and fine tune the config but i p[robably will sell it at some point. the novelty wears off quick :)

kind of expensive and silly but it was good practice (just learning to solder). got a couple cool products coming in the mail from that i'll be doing with my son.

im hoping to learn enough to do some guitar effects pedals.. kind of this stuff:

many of these kits have detailed directions so i dont really need to know what im handling.. but still., can anyone recommend some reading (website or a book) of electronics for neophytes? theres a book on electronics for musicians i should get that now that i think about it.


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    Re: twitter enabled plant and other newbie electronics stuff

    is that seymore i hear calling?:confused: feed me.:cry:
    personally, i think my plants should be talking to me to help me stay in good spirits.;)

    thought of dumb joke.
    why was that girl flower arrested? for petalling herself.:p
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