80A Din Rail Breakers

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Has anyone here heard of a 80A din rail breaker that is UL listed for 24V? I found a SQD breaker that could possibly fit the bill but I am uncertain if it is really UL listed for 24V. It does say that it is listed for 48V but it doesn’t mention anything about 24V. Any ideas?

QOU Miniature Circuit Breakers
• Terminal lug wire size 1- #14 - #2 AWG Cu or Al
• Reversible line and load lugs for convenient flush or surface mount wiring
• DIN mounted (symmetrical rail 35 x 7.5 DIN/EN 50 022)
• UL Listed asHACR type -- 15 A to 70 A
• Field installable quick connectors
• Single handle with internal common trip
• UL Listed 48 Vdc (5,000 AIR)


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    Re: 80A Din Rail Breakers

    the qo and qou type breakers are rated to 48v, but i don't see an 80a version.
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    Re: 80A Din Rail Breakers

    And the rating is for 48 volt DC Maximum... Lower voltage use is fine (within the current rating).

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    Re: 80A Din Rail Breakers

    You might try Midnite Solar. They have an extensive selection of din rail breakers. Although 80 Amps DC is a bit stout. They may have a source, or something for a product in development. good Luck Vic
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