Our preliminary wind study is looking good!

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First let me say that I jumped into our home wind power project full of preconceived notions and unrealistic expectations fueled primarily by hype and oversimplified wind power convention scattered about the internet. Yes, wind power works but there are many physical restrictions and limitations that may or may not dictate the performance of a wind turbine at a specific location. I'm happy that this was learned before investing big bucks in a system that could very well have returned extremely disappointing performance. This has been a genuine learning experience. Hopefully, by reading the study report, others too will gain a better understanding of how wind power works. Having said that, let's move on to the study.

The study concerns a class 2 wind site located in west central Ohio, USA and focuses on the potential of that site. It relies on NREL supplied wind data and simple mathematical models to determine whether or not our site is capable of supporting a productive wind turbine. There is too much study information to include in this posting so the report is the attached zip file. I believe, with my present level of understanding, that the logic, methods and conclusions it contains is correct. Have a look at it. If a faulty conclusion or inaccuracy is noticed then I want to know about it. Decisions will be made based on this study and I want to be sure solid decisions are made based on solid data. I shudder at the thought of spending lots of money to create a problem that could have been avoided.



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    Re: Our preliminary wind study is looking good!

    Haven't read the file yet (I'm about to) but you should probably just post the .pdf instead of a .zip file. It saves a step on trying to view it, and you only saved 1k by zipping it anyway.

    EDIT: Just read the file. Nice job. I'll have to let it sink in awhile and probably read it again before I have anything useful to say about it (if I ever do :)). I'll leave checking the math for the engineers in here.
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    Re: Our preliminary wind study is looking good!

    Upload file size restriction (pdf file size 19.5 k max) prevented attaching the .pdf- had to go with the zip file to get it here in one piece.