Need some help

Hi, Have solar system working on stationary 5th wheel trailor. System is about 9 years old and has run well until I put in new batteries.

Whistler 1500W inverter (from 1997)
todd 30 amp battery charger
2 US64 Panels 2nd grade
16 Amp regular LED meters
Collins and Ass MREG16 charge controller

@0Ah batteries...originally had only six connected.

Can't seem to get a charge even though the system is attached as it was originally. Live in Central Calif. so sunlight is not a problem. Do inverters go bad??? anything you can think of would be appreciated. (Have charged with generator but the charge doesn't last)
Thanks :?


  • niel
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    Re: Need some help

    that seems like way too much battery capacity to expect the 6-7amps you'll get from those us64s to be able to charge up 4x225=900ah battery bank. that's a less than 1% rate of charge on them. with no loads on the batteries you could go a generally agreed upon minimum of a 3% rate of charge. you need more power to charge the batteries and a different controller as the one you have wouldn't handle the increase. if you have loads on it while charging it should not be less than 5% of the battery capacity and probably would need more as it would be an amp for an amp then to accomodate the loads in addition to the 5% rate of charge. until the system is expanded i might suggest you charge 2 batteries at a time to full charge and when all are charged you can use the solar to float charge (maintain) until the upgrade in charge current. if the batteries are deeply discharged then you need to get a hefty charge into them via some other means, ie generator and charger with at least 2 stages of charge.
    ps yes, inverters can go bad.
  • Brock
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    Re: Need some help

    As Niel said you were on the edge of to much battery for your solar panels to start with and now I am not sure it has enough power to top them off. I would suggest using the grid or a generator and charging them completely up with the Todd charger to make sure they are full. Then there is a chance the solar might keep up with them for a while, but since you need to push the batteries voltage up a bit too fully charge them you may not have enough solar power. If you don't want to use the Todd charger, disconnect all the loads and let the solar try to do its thing until they are full charged.
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