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Hi, I am wiring a Generac 6Kw Ecogen to a Schneider Conext SW4048 & AGS. I have successfully gotten my remote start working using Gen #14 with Wires 14 & 16 from the AGS. I have not yet connected the gen to my AC outs from the inverter. The questions are: The Gen was previously connected to an older Trace SW2512. That set up used 3 wires and there doesn't seem to be a place for 3 wires in the new set up. I have the main power positive coming form the Gen main circuit breaker. It went to the AC outs on the old inverter. The second (relay start) wire was connected to remote start relay #s 178 & 183 and went to the relay (R7?) in the inverter. The conundrum is the 3rd wire. The positive from this one is coming from T1 ( Battery charger Positive 120vac) to ? The only note I have is that this one went to AC Gen Hot and AC Gen neutral in the old inverter??? There doesn't seem to be a location for this in the new inverter or the AGS. Should I disconnect it or tie it to the AC out going to the inverter? Schneider tells me I only need 2 wires ,but I'm not convinced. Hope that's clear!! Thanks   LouK