Advantages and prospects of photovoltaic energy storage

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Photovoltaic energy storage system, which improves the self-generated self-consumption rate of the user, brings greater benefits. Currently, the self-consumption portion of a user's PV system is relatively low, perhaps less than 30%, while the combination of PV + energy storage will greatly provide a self-consumption rate, thus increasing the user's revenue.


Renewable energy generation, such as PV wind power, is subject to large fluctuations in weather conditions, while PV storage systems can quickly and accurately store power, smooth out short-term fluctuations, eliminate maximum load power, and make solar energy readily available.

With the increase in the proportion of clean energy, as well as the rapid development of energy storage technology, photovoltaic as the core competitiveness of the integrated energy storage technology to develop multi-energy complementary, energy Internet is the future development trend, which is for power users in energy saving and emission reduction, reduce carbon consumption has a very positive role in promoting. The future of the entire power system will face a major adjustment of the energy structure and development.


Prospects for the development of lithium-ion energy storage industry


The application areas of lithium storage include power transmission and distribution, power demand side management, electric vehicles, distributed power generation and micro-grids, power auxiliary services, renewable energy generation and so on. In the context of gradual clarification of policy support, with the basic formation of industrial stabilization expectations, photovoltaic companies, distributed energy companies, power equipment companies, power battery companies, electric vehicle companies, etc. have entered, began to increase the layout of the layout, to develop the energy storage market, and to further explore the business model with profitability.


Can photovoltaic power generation use lithium batteries?


The current rapid development of wind power, grid scheduling tension, the urgent need for more energy storage power plant to adjust the peak frequency. At the same time, industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage potential is also large, and photovoltaic power station supporting, can realize clean energy, self-sufficiency. Energy storage lithium batteries and devices are indispensable components for storing electricity in solar PV power generation systems, and their main function is to store the electricity of PV power generation systems and supply power to the load in the case of insufficient sunshine, at night, and in emergency situations.


With the development of photovoltaic industry in recent years, the increasing proportion of renewable energy power generation has aggravated the load on the power grid, and the power grid is facing the problems of "unstable power generation" and "high transmission loss". In addition, the European governments have been adjusting the relevant feed-in tariff law, cut the feed-in subsidy policy, which makes the PV grid-connected cost increase, the European countries on the PV energy storage demand is rising trend.


The new lithium battery, as the energy storage device of PV system, the storage efficiency can be increased to 95%, which can significantly reduce the cost of solar power generation.


As a bridge connecting the power generation side, the power supply side and the power side, the significance of the existence of energy storage is not trivial. Simply put, the application of lithium battery energy storage system, can effectively compensate for the randomness of renewable energy generation, improve its level of consumption and the stability of the grid; support distributed power, micro-grid and even the energy Internet, is to promote the main energy from fossil energy to renewable energy replacement of key technologies.

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