Large capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery for E-yacht, E-Forklift, RVs

Energy is of great strategic significance as an important material basis and power source for economic development. At present, under the influence of various factors, the global energy supply and demand is out of balance, the renewable energy supply chain is tense, and the energy market is experiencing drastic shocks. As a result, various countries and regions are also gradually switching from fossil fuels to the use of green energy to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Batteries play an important role in this.


Compared with traditional batteries, new energy batteries have high conversion efficiency, no pollution, long life, smooth operation, and most importantly, no pollutant emissions, which is more representative of lithium-ion batteries.


In addition to our common photovoltaic energy storage, off-grid power generation, energy storage power station, lithium batteries can also be widely used in yachts, RVs, forklifts, drones, street lights and other scenes of our daily life, a large part of the reason is because lithium iron phosphate batteries have the following advantages.


1. Lower long-term cost. Sustainable energy to replace fuel. 

2. Cleaner and healthier. No emissions with clean water-based binder.

3. High reliability and safety. Fewer moving parts translates into fewer breakdown.

4. Long life, over 7000 times at DOD 70%

5. Large capacity from 400~1000AH

6. High safety performance with yttrium element



It is believed that in the future a long time, lithium-ion batteries will still be due to its high energy density, large discharge multiplier and decreasing cost and other significant advantages to be able to flourish in countries around the world.

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