XWPro Enhanced Grid Support

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I have an XWPro 6848, Discovery 7.4Ah Battery x3, Schneider MPPT x2 and grid.  I am trying to run in “Enhanced Grid Support” Mode.  As soon as the batteries are charged, the system begins to harvest energy from the batteries and sell it to the grid or to  the load. I do not want the system to EVER send energy from the batteries to the Grid.  Excess Solar power to the load/grid is fine.. What settings do I need to change, is there a bug in the firmware, or do you have any suggestions?

  • ·        XWPro Firmware v2.04 b29
  •           SoC enabled
  •   ·       Backup mode enabled
  • ·        Grid support :enabled; 
  • ·        Grid Support 52v/95%
  • ·        Recharge SoC: 95%
  • ·        Recharge voltage MPPT 51v; XWPro 51v
  • ·        Bulk/Abs Voltages All same same  56v; Float (MPPT) 53.6

In an enhanced grid support set up the XW Pro automatically tracks the Conext MPPT
Solar Charge Controller voltage as it transitions through charge states (from bulk to
absorption to float). This allows the system to execute a complete battery charge cycle
while still converting excess DC power to AC power to support the AC loads or be
exported to the utility grid. In doing so, the XW Pro only uses excess DC not required by
the battery or used to support local AC loads and sells it to the grid, thereby maximizing
the use of the PV array. Since this set up allows the battery bank voltage to reach
absorption levels (when PV harvest is adequate), the state of health of the battery is
improved. The sell entry and regulation voltage level is the absorption and float voltage
of the XWPro. Therefore, for Enhanced Grid Support to operate correctly, the
absorption and float voltage setpoints on the MPPT charge controllers and XW Pro(s)
must be identical.
Figure 22 Grid Support and Enhanced Grid Support


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    I see you have "Grid Support" enabled. Does this mean you have "Sell" enabled as well?

    I do not have "Sell" enabled and my 6848 does "Grid Support" just fine without it enabled. It allows me to support my loads locally without ever selling anything back to the grid. This was a bit confusing because the "Sell" Enable/Disable info Pop-up states that it is how Grid Support is enabled but it just isn't true. I am also not using the Schneider charge controller.

    To be honest, my system states that it "sells" no more than 1wH per day if at all. This is just noise though and it doesn't really sell anything back to the grid.

    If you really want to sell to the grid then enable "Sell". If not then don't and still use "Grid Support" to support your local loads.

    I also use the Sell Power Block settings to be sure nothing goes out to the grid. Start at 12AM and End at 11:59PM just to be doubly sure.

    I realize this is not exactly what you asked for but this should stop your battery bank from dumping in to the grid for sure.
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    Thanks for your response.  I DO have SELL enabled--if I disable it, nothing goes out to the grid. I can sell power to the grid at retail,24/7.
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    Your installer emailed me for a consult. I see you enabled me to look at your power system on Insight Cloud.
     If you email me we can discuss this.  Have a good week !
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