I have a mt50 solar panel controller and it is showing me image of the moon and 0.03 of charging wh.

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My set up is 4 panels of 100 watt 

I have a mt50 solar panel controller and it is showing me image of the moon and 0.03 of charging wh. 1 vote

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    Welcome to the forum Raynald,

    We really need to do some debugging here... Did the system "use to work"?

    Are the solar panels under full sun at this time (not shaded, very early morning, very late evening)?

    Do you have a volt meter? Measure the solar array voltage at the input of the charge controller. If the panels are all in parallel, it should be around 18-22 volts in the middle of the day. If the panels are in series or series parallel, the voltage would be 2x (2 series x 2 parallel) or 4x (4s x 1 parallel) the single panel voltage.

    Check the battery voltage at the solar charge controller output... Should be around 11.5 to 15.0 VDC. (batteries that are resting below ~12.2 volts or so, need to be charged right away if Lead Acid--Or they will quickly sulfate and die).

    Can you tell us what model/brand (Link?) of solar charge controller you are using?

    One last thing to try (or maybe try this first)... Disconnect the solar power, then disconnect the battery power to the solar charge controller. Wait 5 minutes, then FIRST connect the solar charge controller to the battery bus and wait for the controller to "boot" (typically less than 30 seconds?). SECOND connect the solar array (you may see a few sparks--But that is, in general, not an issue... Just quickly connect the solar wiring).

    Solar charge controllers connect to the battery first to power their logic circuits and figure out the battery bus voltage (12/24/48 VDC). If you connect the solar array first, the micro processor may not boot correcting and set the battery voltage (since there is no battery connected).

    This is the very basic debugging steps to start.

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