Multi mx60 setup

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little confused about connecting 2 mx60 charge controller. I have 12 panels in series to parallel to midnight dc combiner box divided in 3 strings.
#1 mx60 connected to PV / battery bank and #2 mx60 charger connected to other 3 PV strings with air X wind turbines 500w.
#1 mx60 display showing PV with status, #2 mx60 display shows IN status.
Question is both controller mode setting different? 
Also I would like to add outback Hub4 to sink 2 mx60 together without mate, is that possible?
Your input would’ve greatly appreciated.
 Thank you 


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    When I used them 18 years ago, the mx-60 could not be networked. The outback FM series can network. With your current set-up you need to make sure the wind gen and your set-points can't over charge the battery.
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