Morningstar TS 45 MPPT settings

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Morningstar ts45 mppt and ts-rm-2 have conflicting setpoints. I recently programmed in some custom setpoints, set dip switches correctly and programmed a absorption voltage of 61.2 volts, and float of 56.4 volts.
When I view setpoints in the ts-rm-2 it shows absorption 113.95 volts and a float at 105.03 volts?
MSView shows the setpoints I programmed listed above, any idea what I am overlooking?


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    Temperature compensation?
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    Not being used, batteries and charge controller in same ambient temperature. 
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    Does the remote meter have any settable dip switches or otherwise in it? I know the Trace/Xantrex controller's remote meters have this and must be set the same as the controller or you get odd readings.

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    I do not think so but will investigate. I have not been able to reach absorption voltage for the last week because of cloud cover. I can go to a pre-programmed setpoint and have in the past, but it caused a HVD of my inverter, that is why I tried the custom setpoint. Might have to contact Morningstar on this issue.
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    When custom programming you must enter the values as 12V values, the controller "thinks" in 12V and adjust the target x2 or x4 when set for 24V or 48V.

    If you want an Absorption of 61.2V then you would enter that as 61.2/4 = 15.3V

    If you want a float of 56.4 then you would enter that as 56.4/4 = 14.1V

    Then ensure you have DIP 2 and 3 set to ON for 48V, and DIP 4,5,6 all ON for Custom Programming.

    My instant response from Morningstar Tech Support, will correct next time at cabin and provide followup if it works.

    Thanks for the responses,
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    Two problems actually: one was the multiples of 12 volt, the other was I used the Tristar setup wizard and not the Tristar MPPT setup wizard. Tough getting old, but need to keep learning. Anyway, maybe this will help someone else down the road.