Me again, nother question! Need a good 12v>>120v true sine wave inverter in 2000w/4000w surge range

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So I have a Nissan Leaf that can be charged to 40 kwh of battery (I often do less, to extend battery life), but it is not easy to get the power out of the Leaf in an emergency.  Enterprising Leaf owners have figured out that the Leaf has a DC-DC inverter that charges the 12v battery (which runs the systems, lights, computer, heated seats etc, but obviously is not a starter battery).  That 380v>>12v inverter can handle 600-800w of continuous load and would obviously do so for hours if the big 380v battery is fully charged.

So people have been hooking 12v-120v inverters up.  I decided I needed one as a backup power source.  Bought some piece of junk off Amazon and it died promptly after a couple of hours of 600w inductive heater load.  Luckily, I tested it during the 30 day return window.

So, now having decided cheap is not necessarily best, I am looking for "better".  Renogy is more expensive on Amazon, and gets good reviews.  But I read a lot of negativity here.

I have an older Xantrex ProSine 2000 Marine inverter.  Quality unit, but its 24v.  It, plus a couple old 100Ah AGM cells are my battery backup for computer, LAN, Modem, WiFi, couple lights in basement and sump pump.  For the T-storm where I do NOT want to be outside starting my generator during a power outage.  The Xantrex is a quality unit.  Paid like $900 for it.  But its 24v.....  I have the impression Xantrex is not what it used to be.....

Well, that's the background.  Suggestions?  Thanks in advance.  
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