Hello all. I hit my browser and this Website was on it I have no idea how it got there. ( Just had to say that ) Anyway I have been living off grid for 10 years or more the house I purchased had a system that wasn’t functioning properly and I figured it out got it working and maintained and adapted it to changes. Well my inverter blew windmill came apart batteries when to shit etc. so starting from scratch and living on disability I’ve had to be cost conscious. So I purchased 30 175 watt solar panels used I got a great price on the inverter I wanted, thank god for eBay. So I’m trying to add the new panels to my existing 2 200 what panels. So what I’m trying to find out is what do some of you consider to be the best book on the subject of building a large array how big of a regulator or regulators I need and how big of a battery bank, type of batteries etc. if someone could give me there opinion so I don’t end up buying 12 books I would be grateful  Thank You C. S.