Auto Gen Start has stopped working - replaced with new still not working

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We are off Grid completely and have operated with solar and "main" generator backup for 10 years, with an automatic gen start on one of our " "main" generators and as a backup a transfer manual levered switch to change to another "backup" generator that is on a timer and only runs a hot tub once a day.  We have always been able to switch to the "backup" when the "main" was down for any reason.  We have been able to manage the manual on/off and automatic from the schneider conext control panel inside the house.  Recently, the Gen start has not been starting and can only start the "main" generator manually at the unit.  We replaced the Gen Start with no success. Knowing that we were moving from 24v to 48v, we didn't try to troubleshoot any more and waited for our new solar upgrade.  Once upgraded our solar company, still was not able to get the Gen Start to work on the controller and we are still only able to start at the unit only.  However, since the upgrade our "backup" generator is not charging, as it was before. The "main" generator will only charge once you go into settings and switch the gen start to auto and manual on and off.  The only thing that has not been replaced in the existing system is the generators and the conext control panel inside the house...any ideas?  At one point the control panel was also switched back to defaults, too...  


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    Welcome to the forum kmurphy,

    Usually, the "auto start" circuits for generators are pretty simple... A pair or two of wires that are connected to a relay or two that "shorts out" or "opens" the wires (start/run/stop)...

    Do you have the wiring diagram for your genset (i.e., brand/model)? Does it crank/start/fail? Does it not crank? etc....

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