Is it volts or amp/hrs

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My microwave works  fine if my  lithium batteries are fully charged but if the are down a bit  not  so good .If  I increase the amp,hrs of my batteries could that overcome the problem  or is it just a voltage problem. thanks


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    Can you tell us a bit more?

    What voltage and AH battery bank do you currently have?

    What is the "failure"? (I guess the AC inverter shows an input DC voltage failure)?

    What is the microwave's energy draw (i.e., 1,200 Watts measured with a Watt meter or something)?

    When the microwave is running (with a fully charged battery bank and working), what is the DC Voltage at the battery bank "terminals/bus bar"? What is the voltage at the DC input of the inverter? What is the DC inverter's battery cutoff voltage?

    If the battery's voltage "sags" when the inverter is running--Normally that is a sign that the bank is overloaded (a decent Li Ion battery bank should manage a 1*C or less output current OK).

    If the DC input voltage to the inverter falls below Battery Cutoff voltage--That could too much voltage drop in the wiring from the battery to the inverter... Too small of AWG wiring or poor electrical connection (loose, dirty, etc.) are a possibility

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