Discontinued Victron MPPT

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I was given one of these earlier today , nice and clean and in perfect working order , unfortunately because its a discontinued model i cant find a manual online and wondered if anyone has one in digital form that they might send me a copy . I dont think this Charge Controller can be monitored on a PC I want to confirm that before i return it . I can see it has no Bluetooth and from what little information i have read it can only be connected to a PC with a Victron CANUSB which is available at a cost almost equal to a new MPPT controller . The Multiplus inverter i have ordered only requires a MK3-USB (VE.Bus to USB) costing 1/10 the price so im puzzled at the difference .

1840 Watt Array  4 x 460 Watt Mono Panels 
Victron Smart 150-70 MPPT Charge Controller
24 volt Battery Bank 4 x 6v 400 Amp/Hr Trojan L16 AGM
Victron 1200w Multiplus Inverter/Charger
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