Outback radian/48v system questions

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100% off grid system, self design and install. Radian 8048,2 - fm80 charge controllers assembly on a pre box. 8kw panels fixed mount approx 45 deg angle south. 1350 AH rolls lead acid 2v,L16 battery bank.
Monitor with a mate 2 and optics re.
Constant draw approx 600w, running a largish 4200sq ft home in Central utah. 
Problem #1 seems like even when the system hits 100% charge and goes to float it drops overnight to low 80%high 75+ and on overcast winter days usually won't make it to sunrise without kicking off to protect batt at around 70% -46v
Problem #2 after previously running a commercial generac diesel jobsite generator to carry the off days for 3 years I bought a brand new diesel multiquip with a touch more output. The new one runs everything fine as expected but twice now has somehow either surged or something and tripped every gfci in the home, 12 of them to be exact. Swapped back to the old generator, no problem again. Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post in advance! 


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     Hmmm it seams like your 600 watts running is ok . 
     The mate drifts off and needs to be recalibrated by a full charge so in the winter with Minimal charging the % of charge gets walked down . 
     My system is 3600watts 48 volts  4500watts solar 430 amp hours and I use 200/300 watts
      so I’m think 600 watts is for your larger system is ok .
      My observation is the inverter system uses a lot of power by it self and it makes little diffrence if I’m burn power all nite 
     or if my inverter is inverting with little draw . I use 10 to 15% over nite . 
      My system is set to turn off at 48 volts witch it to high and if I’m running the microwave for 30min it could turn off the system if the sun is not out .
     A heavy load in the am could be dropping the battery’s voltage and turning off your system .
     I’m thinking you are not full charged and need to check the SG of the battery’s at the end of the charging day . 
       This time of year things start getting good in my area ,  more sun . 
      I do up my voltage in November to get more charging .
     Are your gfi breakers on the wall or do you have the gfi breakers in your panel . 
     I’m finding the gfi breakers in the panel are very sensitive and pop for no real reason .
     My generator gosent pop them , but heavy draw equipment pops  them all the time .☹️ 
       You could have a neutral wire and ground  making contact in the generator it self ? But 
     I would not think that would set off the breakers down stream .
    Out back  flex power one  with out back 3648 inverter fm80 charge controler  flex net  mate 16 gc215 battery’s 4425 Watts solar .