Battery Charging Voltage plus or minus

gw60gw60 Registered Users Posts: 3
I am running a 24v system, gonna switch to lithium batteries and i have a question regarding the plus or minus charging voltage from charge controller to batteries. I am looking to buy some 3.2v 190Ah batteries (the volt meter is actually measuring 3.33v at the terminals) and if i configure 14 batteries correctly i could potentially get 22.4v or 16 batteries correctly 25.6v. I guess the first question is should i base my calculation on the 3.2v or the measured 3.33v? Which would lead me to my next question what are the recommended voltage differences from charge controller to the batteries? I am successfully using a 40 amp renogy 24v CC on my existing system and would like to use the same CC. Would I ruin the batteries if using my 24v CC on the 22.4v config batteries or is the 24v CC not enough to charge the 25.6v battery config? Thanks gents
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