Sunny Boy 6000-US-12 (2014 manufacture) Any advice/recommendation/experience/known issues

Putting my first solar setup together, Sanford & Son style, and came across an unused Sunny Boy 6000-US-12 bought in 2014 the guy never used that's been sitting in the box, the price is about 70% off new MSRP....
Really any information about these would be great- even if  just a 👍 or 👎



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    Inverter should last 5-10 years (at least)--Would you be "happy"?

    Probably, no warranty, so the 30% of original system cost is your discount.

    Or you may have a 10 year transferable warranty (paper work/Mfg. Warranty requirements)---Or ~1-2 years left. If it survives the first year--Probably will last beyond that very nicely (past infant mortality).

    -Bill "purely guessing" B.
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