SCHNEIDER XW6848 firmware

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Hello Its been some time since Ive had to visit.. Trying to install the latest firmware in my Devices. I am getting this error Even though I just downloaded. Unsure why purchased the unit in 2019 and unsure if they made a hardware change to new and mine is discontinued or what the issue is.. Upgraded the Gateway First so unsure where to turn at the moment..  


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    Stumbled apon this just trying to do search.. I thought it was the XW+6848 but didn't see the plus in the download section. Only +230 So guess they Discontinued this and Now just offering the California Rule 21 +230 and the XW6848 120/240 Pro must have different Hardware which makes the + incapable with the new firmware.. Guess since it isn't broke I wont fix it..Ha Ha 

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    You should never do firmware unless you know the reason for it!
    Schneider firmware has release notes with all firmware that describes what is being fixed. In most all Offgrid there often is not a reason to upgrade the firmware. The exception is with XW pro in which older units did need upgrades.
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