Victron Buck Boost - reverse charging

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Quick summary: My original GZ setup include transfer switch, 2x GZ1000, 2x AGM batteries, Victron Buck Boost setup for AGMs and worked like a champ. I since sold those 2x GZ1000 and purchased a GZ1500X. With the same GZ infrastructure setup, now when I plug the GZ1500X into the transfer switch my house batteries (2x BattleBorn) are charging to chassis battery and I don't know why. When the GZ1500X is plugged in to the ATS, it's via AC input and when this happens, the buck boost purple light turns on. Once I unplug or turn off the GZ1500X AC inverter, the purple light goes away and the chassis battery charging stops.

I think I might need a buck boost configuration setup change or will need to splice into the purple wire and install a wireless on/off switch (which I don't now how to connect the wiring). I can do the splicing, no issues but don't know how the wiring would work. I'm hoping it's just a configuration change via the TSConfig to eliminate the reverse DC(house batteries) > DC(starter battery) charging.

Any thoughts?