transfer switch & MH solar install

nonamewaterskiernonamewaterskier Registered Users Posts: 1
Finishing up MH solar install. 4 x 200w solar. series parallel, 32v 63A breaker, 150/100 Victron charge controller Links Dist box with 150a fuse
BMV-712 monitor with shunt, Master on/off switch, 300amp fuse, 6-6v batts= 660AH. 
Factory installed 50amp service,1250w inverter, transfer switch, 7000w generator. 
Question is: should the solar system be shut down before starting gennie as to not back feed the controller, or will the magnum transfer switch take care of the load? 

2015 Tiffin open road 36LA
2014 CRV

Question resolved all power from generator goes through inverter no reason to shut solar down. All good.
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