Do you have a U-POWER (Power jack) inverter 15000w / 60000w

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Unfortunately I have bought a 48volt U_Power 15000w continuous - 60000 peak inverter for 230-240volts (not split volt).
I haven't got it running yet as I'm waiting for my batteries. Anyhow, it absolutely is NOT what it says on the tin!
More like 3000w continuous 6000w peak as it's fuse is only EDIT: 25amps. ..... 25ampsx240volts=6000watts not 15000 

Do you have one?
What is the real rating?
How has it behaved?
Thank you for your input.


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    Well... There is the marketing artwork...

    Anyway, fuses are not listed in Watts but in Amperes. A quick fuse sizing would be:
    • 3,000 Watts * 1/0.85 AC inverter efficiency * 1/42.0 volts battery cutoff = 84 Amps minimum fuse/breaker rating
    The fuse/breaker should be a "standard" trip device--Not a fast blow. Typically an AC inverter will supply around 2x rated power for a few seconds to a few minutes.

    Then there is the rated "250 Amp" battery charger... That would be pretty amazing:
    • 250 Amps * 58 volts charging = 14,500 Watts
    I guess, that is where they get the 15,000 Watt number from...

    Does not sound correct... The AC inverter's circuit are designed for (?) 3,000 Watts or ~84 amps max continuous load... The DC battery charger side uses pretty much the same current path for charging as for invertering--So to see 3x higher battery charging current capability does not make sense.

    If, the charger is really rated for 250 Amperes charging--I would used the 1.25 NEC derating for continuous current flow:
    • 250 Amps charging * 1.25 NEC derating = 312.5 Amp minimum rated branch circuit
    Batteries can take rated charging current for hours--So derating the battery charging DC side (and the AC side needs to be derated too) will help prevent false trips of your fuse/breaker and running your wiring hot.

    Do you have a link to the manual?

    The numbers are just all over the place and would be a flag that this thing may not be what the markings claim. I know nothing else about the product, so I cannot help you there.

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    Yes I have edited the stupid typo.
    I have more info on this. U-power is really Power Jack with a bs wattage claim.
    So it looks like it was a 6kw hence the 25amp fuses. What a con job.
    I'd still like to know how they behave, and how many kw's they get to before they over heat.
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    No problem... We have to be very clear about 120/240 VAC side of inverter or the 12/24/48 VDC side of the inverter...

    For example, the 250 Amp "battery charger" -- What does that mean (their label on the inverter--Not your comment)?

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