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Some names of settings are ambiguous to a newbie like am hoping an expert can explain what they mean.

My System is as follows:

XW 8548
XW MPPT80 x 2
Sealed Lead Acid Gel 24 x 2v
Battery Capacity 600Ah
PV 12.5kW
Grid Tied system for battery support (high loads and/or insufficient PV input cloudy days)

XW DEVICE SETTINGS "Grid Support" / Grid Support Voltage (is this the voltage that triggers grid input?)
XW DEVICE SETTINGS "Grid Voltage Support" (mine is set to "disable" however, what does it mean?)
HVMMPT DEVICE SETTINGS "Charger Settings" / Recharge Voltage (is this the voltage trigger for when recharging starts?)

Does the "Recharge Voltage" need to be set at the same level in both XW and HVMMPT ?

What does "LOAD SHAVE" mean? 
What does "LOAD SHED" mean?

Do settings in the XW over-ride settings in the Charge controllers?

Thanks in advance for your help.